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Your requirement is our affair.

Private Law

The Law Firm Berthet accompanies individuals on all their daily problems, generally complex, obscure and inaccessible to non-legal practitioners. It answers their legitimate questions, most often sources of concern. This will particularly be the case, in particular, of persons facing matrimonial, penal or inheritance problems.

The Cabinet develops a personalized, humane and pragmatic approach to this type of problem while focusing its approach on understanding the client's issues.


Areas of intervention :

  • Family law

  • Succession law

  • Civil right

  • Insurance law

  • Personal injury law, traffic accident and compensation for victims

  • Criminal law

  • Real estate law

  • Administrative law

  • Environmental law

  • Taxes and duties

  • Bank and investments

  • Work and Retirement

  • Interests and privacy

  • Civil society and dismemberment

  • Real estate taxation

  • Estate planning

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