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Disputes, Mediation & Arbitration

The Law Firm Berthet analyzes the legal questions and drafts clauses of mediation and arbitration within the framework of internal or international agreements of company, financial and commercial.

It advises on the decisions of most delicate and most complex affairs and the plans of investment which present serious risks of dispute. It represents the clients in the procedures of arbitration, mediation and other alternative procedures of dispute settlement.

We join to our clients to manage the projected risks and avoid disputes as possible. When the dispute is inevitable, the Cabinet concentrates on the priority objectives of the clients, while estimating the legal, commercial needs and for preservation of reputation. We analyze the weaknesses of negotiation of the opposing parties and we propose optimal tactics of procedure or creative approaches of regulation.

We settle the disputes in a the most appropriate way, whether it is by mediation, arbitration or expertise.

As each litigation and each client are unique, we strive to leverage the company's resources to determine the solutions best suited to the requirements of the file and to defend it effectively.

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